The H1-B visa


One of the most coveted and most precious gifts to an average IT individual in India is the H1-B visa granted by the USA. Thousands and thousands of dreamy candidates apply for the H1-B visa every year with the hope that they may go USA and work and create a better life for them and their family. Many or most get rejected but those who manage to get their visas granted, consider themselves lucky as it almost tantamounts to a happy life. All that may potentially come to a close if the Trump administration has their way.

So just a basic run down of the H1-B visa rule. (Note: there could be few things which I missed). Using a valid H1-B visa, the holder can work in the USA for 3 years. After which he or she can get a further extension of 3 more years. If that person applies for a Green card ( permanent residency), then they can potentially extend their stay till theĀ Green card is approved once the application is accepted. The Department of Homeland Securities ( DHS) plan to end the last part. So if the Bill is passed, when a person’s Green card application is accepted, he/she cannot apply for a further extension till the Green card is finally approved. This could be years to get a Green card approved as there would be a long queue of applicants.

Every year USA grants 85,000 H1-B visas. 65,000 of them are for foreigners and 20,000 are for skilled individuals from US Universities and so on. 70% of that are Indians. So if the DHS gets their way in their motto of ” Hire Americans, Buy American”, then there might a massive number, resulting in thousands of Indians who could be deported back to India.